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Most people associate the term ‘blockchain’ first and foremost with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. And yet blockchain technology means more than Bitcoin. It is a new technology that has the potential to sustainably affect society and the economy, which makes it of great social value. Besides a number of industries, both public administration and political players are taking a keen interest in the development and application of blockchain-based solutions. The technology is being evaluated for implementation in existing business models, and new disruptive business models are emerging. The numerous potential applications are increasingly pushing blockchain technology into the focus of public attention. For example, the technology may in the future help to decentralise energy trading, to promote renewable energy, to combat money laundering, to inform consumers about the origins of their food, to document compliance with sustainability criteria or to introduce blockchain-based certificates of education and autonomous online identities.

New technologies have always affected people’s lives. This applies in particular to digitisation, which is not constrained to an individual sector but rather encompasses all areas of life and business in today’s society. With blockchain technology, another very promising development is looming. But how can it make a positive difference to our lives and the environment? Which ones of today’s challenges can it help to address? Blockchain technology promotes the emergence of new markets that compete with the existing markets, but it can also help the old markets achieve new growth. At the same time, the technology still remains elusive for many decision-makers. Also, there is a dearth of interdisciplinary research approaches that could help to connect the new technological possibilities with the challenges and the practical needs of business and society. The Blockchain Research Lab addresses this gap with its independent and interdisciplinary research.

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